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Parental Leave Rights – Know the Laws of your Province

Parental leave is required by the employment standards laws of every jurisdiction. But specific eligibility, pay, notification and verification requirements vary from place to place. Here’s a look at the requirements in each jurisdiction.
Parental Leave Rights Across Canada

Minimum employment for eligibility: None
Length of leave: Up to 63 weeks
Leave must be taken during 78-week period beginning on day: (a) newborn child is born or comes into employee’s care; and (b) adopted child comes into employee’s care
Combined parental leave by more than one employee for same birth or adoption may not exceed 71 weeks
Combined parental and maternity leave by more than one employee for same birth may not exceed 86 weeks
Notice: Employee must give at least 4 weeks’ written notice of leave start date and duration unless there’s a valid reason for not doing so
Verification: Employer can require certification of need for extensions, interruptions and changes to leave d...

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