Canada is characterized by a diverse economy with key industries encompassing natural resources, manufacturing, technology, and services. The country’s resource sector includes oil, mining, and forestry, while manufacturing is prominent in sectors like automotive and aerospace. Technology hubs, primarily in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, drive innovation. The cost of living in Canada varies by region, with higher expenses in major cities, while smaller towns and rural areas offer more affordable options. Wages in Canada generally meet or exceed the cost of living, with the minimum wage and average salaries varying by province and city. Overall, Canada’s diverse economy and strong labor market make it an attractive destination for many seeking a high quality of life.

Federal Leave & Compensation

COMPENSATION General Minimum Wage: $16.65 per hour or minimum wage of […]

Checklist of Essential HR Policies for Federally Regulated Workplaces

The policies every federally regulated employer must have. What HR […]

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Parental Leave Compliance Game Plan

12 steps for complying with employment standards law parental leave requirements.

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

PAYROLL DEDUCTION AUTHORIZATION FORM Employee Information: Employee Name: Employee ID: Department: [...]

CPP Changes Memo

CANADA PENSION PLAN Update To: All Employees From: [Your Name/Position] Date: [Date] Subject: [...]

Site Owner Who Hires Constructor May Still Be Liable as ‘Employer’

The most important OHS case in recent years calls into question so-called constructor/prime [...]

Statutory Holidays – Know The Laws Of Your Province

Six of Canada’s 14 jurisdictions—Federal, BC, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince Edward [...]

2024 Statutory Holidays

Adjust your work schedules accordingly. Here’s a list of each jurisdiction’s statutory holidays in [...]

Canada ratifies the first-ever global treaty to end workplace violence and harassment

On January 30, 2023, Canada ratified the International Labour Organization’s C190 – Violence and [...]

Post-Employment References Policy

Here’s a post-employment references policy template that you can adapt with the help of your lawyer [...]

Federal Leave & Compensation

COMPENSATION General Minimum Wage: $16.65 per hour or minimum wage of province of employment [...]

Pay Transparency Policy

Pay transparency has become the hottest thing in new HR lawmaking. Even if not currently required [...]

2023 Minimum Wage Rates Across Canada

Minimum Wage Rates Across Canada, as of Oct 1, 2023 FEDERAL General Minimum Wage: $16.65 per hour [...]

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