Ontario’s diverse economy includes manufacturing, finance, technology, and healthcare. The cost of living can be high, especially in urban areas like Toronto, but wages are generally above average with opportunities in multiple sectors

Ontario Leave & Compensation

Sick Days: 3 days a year for sick  leave Other: 2 days […]

Checklist of Essential HR Policies in Ontario

The policies every employer doing business in Ontario has to […]

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Parental Leave Compliance Game Plan

12 steps for complying with employment standards law parental leave requirements.

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

PAYROLL DEDUCTION AUTHORIZATION FORM Employee Information: Employee Name: Employee ID: Department: [...]

CPP Changes Memo

CANADA PENSION PLAN Update To: All Employees From: [Your Name/Position] Date: [Date] Subject: [...]

Statutory Holidays – Know The Laws Of Your Province

Six of Canada’s 14 jurisdictions—Federal, BC, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince Edward [...]

2024 Statutory Holidays

Adjust your work schedules accordingly. Here’s a list of each jurisdiction’s statutory holidays in [...]

Can An Ontario-Regulated Employer Prohibit Their Employees From Discussing Their Salaries, Bonuses And Other Compensation?

While open discussions about compensation between employees were once considered impolite, they are [...]

Updates in Ontario labour and employment matters: disclosure of salary ranges and AI; potential banning of NDAs


Licences to be required for temporary help agencies and recruiters in Ontario

The Government of Ontario has announced that, as of January 1, 2024, temporary help agencies (THAs) [...]

Ontario proposes mass termination protections for remote workers and increased information requirements for new hires

The Ontario Government is proposing updates to employment standards laws to ensure that remote [...]

Post-Employment References Policy

Here’s a post-employment references policy template that you can adapt with the help of your lawyer [...]

Ontario Leave & Compensation

Sick Days: 3 days a year for sick  leave Other: 2 days bereavement leave and 3 days family [...]

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