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Name the Province of Employment

Where employees report to work determines their province of employment.

All provinces and territories have their own income tax. Several provinces have employer payroll taxes. And, of course, Québec has a provincial government pension plan (QPP) and employment insurance system (QPIP). All of this can be quite a headache when you need to do source deductions. To make the proper tax, EI, CPP and other withholdings, you first must determine which laws do and don’t apply. General rule: The “province of employment” determines which law to use to calculate withholdings. But figuring out the province of employment is anything but straightforward. Consider this scenario.
Name the Province of Employment
Marx Frères is an accounting firm based in Québec with offices in Manitoba, New Brunswick and Ontario. The firm processes all paycheques from its head office in Montréal. Four of the firm’s employees are:

Groucheau, an accountant who lives in Québec and works at the firm’s Montréal off...

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