Employment Law Trends – Letting Them Go In Good Faith

Read this article to find out what an organization must do if they consider suspending an employee and avoid a claim of constructive dismissal.

When Customers Bully and Harass Your Employees

In how many ways can issues of workplace harassment and bullying impact your organization? In more ways then you may first consider.

Developments in Labor Employment Law

In this webinar, management-side employment lawyer Kevin MacNeill will review some of the most significant recent case law developments in this area, which happened in 2015 and 2016.

Domestic Violence and its Impact on the Workplace

Join this webinar and learn how to protect workers from threatening behaviors including workplace violence and harassment.

Sexual Misconduct

In this special report, you'll learn how to protect workers against sexual harassment and what the Ghomeshi case teaches HR professionals about sexual misconduct in the workplace.

SURPRISE INSPECTIONS: Managing How Health and Safety Regulators Do Business

Health and safety inspectors don’t only arrive after an incident or to resolve an issue that has brought them to the workplace. They can and do arrive unannounced to conduct surprise inspections of the workplace. In this webinar, Jeremy Warning, will discuss the inspection process, the issues that can arise from such inspections and best practices for managing them.

Terminate Probationary Employees Properly To Avoid Court Actions

Many organizations elect to bring on board new employees under a probationary period of employment. The probationary period enables the organization to evaluate the performance and fit of an employee, with the option to terminate if the employee does not achieve the standard, or expectations of the employer. Read this article and learn more about managing probationary employees.

Breastfeeding and Workplace Accommodation: A Mother’s Preference or Duty?

In 2014, the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board considered a grievance alleging that an employee was discriminated against on the basis of family status and/or sex when her employer denied her request to work full-time from home so that she could breastfeed her child.

Back To Mitigation Basics: A Must-Read For Anyone Prosecuting Or Defending A Wrongful Dismissal...

This case is important for HR professionals to consider when faced with an allegation of wrongful dismissal where mitigation is likely to be at issue.

The Duty To Provide Reasonable Notice Of Termination Cuts Both Ways

It is a relatively little-known fact to non-lawyers that just as employers are required to provide employees with reasonable notice of termination, employees are likewise required to provide employers with reasonable notice of resignation.