Know The Laws of Your Province—Click Thru Version: Unpaid Leave for Crime-Related Child Death...

Keeping your child disappearance leave policy compliant with the ESA requirements of your province.

Trap to Avoid: Implementing New IT Systems without First Getting Buy-In

HR technology/system is only as effective as the people who use it.
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Know The Laws of Your Province: Unpaid Leave for Crime-Related Child Death or Child...

Is your child disappearance leave policy in line with your province’s ESA requirements?

After the Axe Falls: How to Report Termination Payments on the T4 and T4A

Each payment may be subject to different rules, reporting termination payments on the T4 and T4A.

Paying Wages: Can CRA Collect Unpaid Remittances from a Related Company?

Which company is liable for remitting and source deductions?
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Law of the Month: Bill 148: The Ontario Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017

An overview of Ontario’s most significant employment law reform in decades
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Provincial Cases this Month – July 2017

Alberta  Is $15K Too High a Penalty for Sexually Harassing a Waitress? The restaurant owners said it was and cited about a half dozen other cases...
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Federal Laws & Announcements – July 2017

Human Rights June 19: Bill C-16, adding gender identity and gender expression to the list of human rights act grounds protected from employment discrimination received Royal...

Payroll Month in Review – July 2017

An Alberta coal mine operator’s “no free accident” policy required employees to disclose whether they had any drug addictions or dependencies.
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HR Month in Review – July 2017

Dealing with drug addiction is a thorny legal issue for HR managers, especially at dangerous work sites like mines and construction projects.