Must Parental Benefits Be Perfectly Equal to Avoid Discrimination?

Justifying favourable treatment of females and adoptive parents in benefits arrangements.

Know the Laws: Workplace Standards

This summary is provided for comparison purposes. While the Institute of Professional Management endeavours to provide accurate information, you should consult your provincial labour...

Quiz: Calculating Group Termination Severance Payments

Do foreign workers count in determining employer’s severance obligations?

Alberta Court Leaves Door Open for Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

Random testing may be a justifiable safety policy.

Trap to Avoid: Not Making Employees Aware of Potential Discipline for Social Media Offences

Just having a social media policy isn’t enough to hold employees accountable!

Social Media Code of Conduct

Use this code of conduct to explain the parameters around social media use outside of the workplace, when the workplace is the topic of discussion.

Ask Debby: How Do I Pay Practicum Students on a Short Contract?

How do you pay practicum students on a 2 month contract?

Sexual Harassment Policy

This Model Policy is based on templates from the Ontario Human Rights Commission and WorkSafeBC, but HR managers in any part of the country may adapt this Model Policy for use at their own workplace.

Are Tips and Gratuities Subject to EI Deductions?

Using the “control rule” to determine if employee tips are EI “insurable income.”

Case Scorecard: When Do Employers “Control” Tips for EI Deductions Purposes?

A summary of leading cases addressing the issue of whether employers control employee tips so as to make them subject to EI deductions