Developments in Pensions and Benefits Law

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Fired Employee’s Facebook Post Calling Company “s—hole” Showed Dismissal for Workplace Outbursts, Threat Was...

An employee who yelled and swore at a manager about a written test for a maintenance position, and a few days later took a gun out of a box in the company parking lot and “pumped it”, was fired for cause, an arbitrator has decided.

5 Traps to Avoid When Handling Employee’s Personal Information

As an HR manager, you’re entrusted with sensitive personal information about your employees. But what happens if you expose information?

Employer Pays for Shoddy Workplace Investigation

The B.C. Supreme Court’s decision in Lau v. Royal Bank of Canada, 2015 BCSC 1639 provides a reminder of the crucial importance of conducting a fair, objective and thorough workplace investigation, especially where dishonesty or fraud is alleged.

Career Website Privacy Policy

As the Career Site becomes an extension of the recruitment and hiring process, HR managers need to be alert to the legal risks, including potential exposure to liability under privacy laws when collecting personal information from site users.

Does Merging Plan in Surplus with Plan in Deficit Violate Members’ Rights?

How far can members of a DB plan in surplus go to keep that surplus intact?

Case of the Month: Supreme Court – Paying Severance Doesn’t Justify Firing Federal Employees...

Unlike in the U.S., firing employees without cause is illegal in Canada. Or is it?

Know the Laws of Your Province: Termination Without Cause – Is It an Option...

Can you fire an employee without cause if you pay the requisite termination notice?

The Paperwork of Termination – How to Report Termination Payments in the ROE

Avoid costly errors when reporting separation payments in the Record Of Employment.

Ask Debby: How Can I Measure HR Competency?

How do you measure HR competency?