At a Glance: Bill 148 & How It Will Change Ontario ESA Laws

A graphic overview of the big employment law changes to prepare for.
unpaid intern

Unpaid Intern Can’t Sue for Wrongful Dismissal & Can’t Prove Mental Distress

A college fired a 54-year-old unpaid intern after a female student accused him of sexually accosting her in an elevator.
Signing a Release

Fired Employee Can’t Sue for Discrimination after Signing a Release

A 28-year employee fired for bringing a bottle of beer to work signed a release promising not to sue in exchange for 8 weeks’ severance and continuation of his RRSP benefits.

HR Month in Review – October 2017: Ontario

Ontario, the MOL will launch a series of Regional ESA enforcement initiatives across the province this fall.

HR Month in Review – October 2017: Nunavut

Nunavut, to encourage use of the Inuit language in the public sector.
Nova Scotia

HR Month in Review – October 2017: Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, the so called Accessibility Act sets out a process for Nova Scotia to achieve full accessibility by 2030.

HR Month in Review – October 2017: Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories will receive $3 million in federal funding over the next 2 years to support diamond finding research projects.
Newfoundland & Labrador

HR Month in Review – October 2017: Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & Labrador, the second round of Expressions of Interest applications for projects seeking funding under the federal-provincial Foreign Qualification Recognition Agreement ended.
attendance management

Duty to Accommodate – What Employers Should Know

Date: October 18th, 2017 Speaker: Heather Hettiarachchi, LL.B; M.Sc; CPHR Slides: Download [vimeo 238806642 w=100 h=360] The issue of workplace accommodation continues to pose challenges for employers. Given that...
Sex Harassment

Case of the Month: Alberta Ruling Sheds Light on Employer Liability for Sex Harassment...

Liability is based not on literal employment relationship but power.

Sex Harassment: Are You Liable If Your Employees Harass Co-Workers from another Company?

Inter-company harassment risks and how to manage them.