Effectively Interviewing Millennial Candidates

When it is time to recruit, interview and hire new Millennials having insights into their behaviors is an important skill for any human resources professional. Read this article and learn tips on how to prepare and gauge the interests of millennium candidates during an interview process.

Know the laws of your province: Minimum Wage Rates Across Canada

Minimum wage adjustments took effect or are scheduled to take effect in many jurisdictions. Here’s the current minimum wage and scheduled increases in each jurisdiction.

How to Keep Valued Employees`

If businesses are to thrive in today’s economy, then finding and retaining qualified employees must be a top priority. Download this resource and learn about 7 Powerful Retention Strategies for SMBs.

Ending Spreadsheet Chaos

The challenges of today’s volatile business world leave HR professionals scrambling to find enough time in their days to respond to the needs of employees, managers and the ever-growing HR workload. Download this article and find out more about HRIS and how this can save you money and transform your business into a strategic powerhouse.

Workplace Deal Breakers

Many employees must be valued and respected at work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance or they won't stay at a job. Take a look at the infographic and learn why employers must find a good balance between work and life balance to retain workers.

HRInsider Newsletter – May 2016

In this issue learn about, safeguarding the privacy of confidential information and find out what lessons have been learnt from the Ghomeshi verdict and how to handle cases of sexual misconduct in your organisation.

The Danger of Workplace Gossip

Read this article and learn about what employers can do to minimize gossiping and rumor-mongering before it becomes dangerous and destructive in the workplace.

10 tips for dealing with workplace gossip

Gossip is often sparked by organizational problems or a poor management style. These practical solutions can help keep things from getting out of hand.

The Aging Workforce

This webinar will help you to better understand, retain and accommodate the varied needs of the aging workers in your organization.

How Bosses Make or Break the Workplace

A good management team can make or break the workplace. Click the infographic below to find out how.