Transgender and the Workplace: Are You Discriminating?

A growing number of private sector employers are now starting to include gender identity and expression in their non-discrimination policies. However, issues of gender identity and expression remain uncharted territory in many workplaces. Thus, employers and employees could engage in practices that discriminate against transgender persons.

Mandatory Retirement Policy Questionnaire

Requiring employees to retire at 65—or any other predesignated age—is a form of illegal age discrimination banned by the human rights laws of every jurisdiction. However, there are a couple of significant exceptions to the rule.
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REGISTER: Canadian Corporate Immigration: Understanding and Navigating the System

This session will provide HR Professionals with the latest on corporate immigration regulations and requirements, as well as “tricks of the trade” for relocating personnel to Canada, on either short- or long-term assignments.

Due Diligence and Worker Training

Listen to the recording of the Due Diligence and Worker Training webinar.

Year-End Payroll Process: The 5 Steps to Avoiding PIER Assessments

Making sure the pensionable/insurable earnings info you list in your T4 and RL-1 is accurate

Watch Your Language: Limiting Termination Notice “In Accordance With” the ESA

You must use clear and express language to limit notice for termination without cause.

OHS Law, 101: What’s the Difference between a CSA Standard and an OHS Law?

Why it’s sometimes mandatory to follow “voluntary” safety standards.

Top Employment Cases and Legislative Changes of 2016: A Year-in-Review of Lessons for Employers

s 2016 draws to a close, we take this opportunity to reflect on some of the key cases and legislative changes that impacted employers in 2016 and the lessons employers can draw from them.

Minimum Wage in Each Province

Are you caught up on all the recent minimum wage adjustments across Canada?

Case of the Month: Mandatory Hardhat Rule Stands Despite Sikh Workers’ Religious Objections

Religious accommodation not required if it endangers health and safety.