At a Glance: Bill 148 & How It Will Change Ontario ESA Laws

A graphic overview of the big employment law changes to prepare for.

Sex Harassment: Are You Liable If Your Employees Harass Co-Workers from another Company?

Inter-company harassment risks and how to manage them.
Best Practices

Payroll Best Practices: Reconciling Benefit Premiums with Payroll

Payroll Best Practices, avoiding benefit tracking errors that can suck thousands of dollars from your bottom line.

You Make The Call: Can You Fire Probationary Employee for Lack of Suitability?

Disappointed with his performance, the company fires the manager for lack of suitability just before his probationary period expires.
Security Guard

No Workers’ Comp for Security Guard with Preexisting Mental Stress

A correctional officer claimed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) benefits after seeing an inmate jump to his death from a high pole.

HR Month in Review – October 2017: New Brunswick

The government launched a pair of $2 million funding policies to help entrepreneurs get capital to launch new businesses.

HR Month in Review – October 2017: Manitoba

Make sure you extend your facility’s smoking ban to e-cigarettes to comply with new laws.
Flight Attendant

Injured Flight Attendant Wins Her Workers’ Comp Appeal

An Air Canada flight attendant who worked out of BC but lived in Manitoba suffered a work injury while working an international flight.
Foreign Workers

BC Court Okays Class-Action for Temporary Foreign Workers Violations

A group of 450 workers from the United Arab Emirates have gotten the green light to bring a class-action lawsuit against a convenience store and 3 immigration consultants.
liquor servers

HR Month in Review – October 2017: British Columbia

The BC general minimum wage went up 50¢ to $11.35. The minimum wage for liquor servers increased the same amount to $10.10 per hour.
petty theft

Firing Veteran Supermarket Clerk for Petty Theft Is “Sad” but Legal

While petty theft of tea, donuts and chips might be trivial in other settings, it’s typically recognized as grounds for dismissal in grocery given the industry’s vulnerability to employee dishonesty.