No Workers’ Comp for Security Guard with Preexisting Mental Stress

A correctional officer claimed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) benefits after seeing an inmate jump to his death from a high pole.

You Make the Call: When the Costs of Using a Personal Car to Commute...

Costs are deductible when employees need their car to perform job duties.
Attendance management

$86K in Damages for Sticking Disabled Clerk in Attendance Management

Attendance management isn’t necessarily discriminatory but there was no individual assessment.
Nova Scotia

HR Month in Review – August 2017: Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration enlisted Halifax Partnership to participate in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot for 2 years.
New Brunswick

HR Month in Review – August 2017: New Brunswick

New Brunswick, Aug.: 1,600 students got jobs under this year’s version of the Summer Employment Experience Development program.
Newfoundland & Labrador

HR Month in Review – August 2017: Newfoundland & Labrador

All Research & Development Corporation funding programs are being integrated into a new agency Dept. of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation agency called InnovateNL.

HR Month in Review – August 2017: Manitoba

Manitoba, Oct. 1: The general minimum wage goes up ¢15 to $11.15 per hour and the Security Guard rate increases to $13.40.

Using ‘Averaging’ to Avoid Overtime: The 11 Things You Need to Know

Averaging can save you big bucks in paying overtime; but it can also get you into hot water.

Know The Laws of Your Province—Click Thru Version: Overtime Averaging

Averaging rules vary sharply by province.

The Hiring Process: 8 Discriminatory Terms Not to Use in Your Job Postings

Discriminatory advertising pitfalls to avoid.