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Revenge Porn: The Liability Risks & How to Manage Them

Revenge porn is the 21st century version of sexual harassment.
IRS Auditor in Uniform

Are Free Uniforms and Uniform Allowances Taxable to Employee?

When are employer subsidized uniform costs a taxable benefit?

Webinar: Due Diligence and Worker Training

Canadian OHS laws require employers to provide workers with information and instruction for their protection, and to take every precaution reasonable to ensure their health and safety.

Ontario Arbitrator Holds Organization Accountable for Twitter Harassment of Employees

Opening a Twitter account for customers to ask questions, complain and interact directly with your organization might seem like not only a good idea...

From Words to Weapons – Taking Individual Threats Seriously

Organizations are increasingly being called upon to assess and respond to threats of workplace violence, homicidal ideations, stalking, and other situations where targeted violence is a possibility. How we respond can have a profound impact on the outcome. Attend this webinar to find out what you can do to keep workers safe.

Employee Manual Template

A basic manual that contains general policies and procedures that affect all employees is a fundamental tool in any organization. While ownership of the...

Employees’ Right to Assign Their Wages

Are employers allowed to make deductions from pay to honour an employee’s assignment of wages?
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How to Handle Wage Assignments by Employees

Where do you direct the paycheque after an employee assigns his wages to a third party?

Are Travel Expenses to a Temporary Job Relocation Site Deductible?

Employees may not be allowed to deduct their travel costs when the relocation is only temporary.

Inside the Trans Experience – Understanding and Accommodating an Employee in Transition

Most people are cis gender - comfortable with the gender they've been assigned at birth. They never experience, or certainly even consider, what it's like to not be comfortable as male or female. There is, however, a growing percentage of people who do not consider themselves as cis gender and identify more comfortably with the spectrum of gender identity.