Hours of Work

Hours of work refer to the time an employee is expected to be present and actively engaged in their job responsibilities. HR’s concern for hours of work is essential for maintaining productivity, ensuring legal compliance, and fostering a work environment that supports employee well-being and job satisfaction, all of which contribute to an organization’s success.

Hours of Work Quiz

QUESTION The maximum number of hours employees can be required […]

Time Theft in The WorkPlace

Within today’s work environment the question of time theft is complicated. Certainly falsely […]

Hours of Work Policy

Most organizations are open for business for set hours each […]

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Work Refusal Notification Form

Workers aren’t allowed to exercise their OHS work refusal rights unless they notify their employer [...]

Hours of Work Compliance Game Plan

Are you risking employment standards liability for overworking your employees?

Hours of Work Policy

Here’s a template policy establishing hours of work requirements and procedures based on the [...]

Parental Leave Compliance Game Plan

12 steps for complying with employment standards law parental leave requirements.

Changes Coming For Online Platform-Based Food Delivery And Ride Share Gig Workers In B.C.

On November 20, 2023, the Government of British Columbia introduced Bill 48 – 2023 Labour Statutes [...]

Updates in Ontario labour and employment matters: disclosure of salary ranges and AI; potential banning of NDAs


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Special Report

For a workplace to function healthily and productively, comprehensive policies addressing mental [...]

Employer Awarded Damages For Remote Worker’s Time Theft

The advent of remote work has introduced various risks for employers – including the risk that [...]

How to Audit Your Maternity Leave Policy

Employment standards laws of all jurisdictions allow employees to take unpaid leave to give birth [...]

Quebec Children Under 14 To Be Banned From Working Most Jobs

The Quebec government has tabled a bill that would prevent children under the age of 14 from [...]

When Are Terminated Employees Entitled to a Performance Bonus?

Employees earn bonuses for a job well done. But what happens when employees don’t get enough time [...]

Performance Bonus Policy

Awarding performance bonuses can go a long way in boosting recruitment, retention, productivity [...]

How to Create a Performance Bonus Plan

Awarding performance bonuses can go a long way in boosting recruitment, retention, productivity [...]

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