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The 2022 Ontario HR Compliance Yearbook – Special Report

What makes 2022 so different from other HR compliance years is where the action took place. In a typical year, the big changes tend to be spread out among the various jurisdictions. But in 2022, just about all the differencemaking new laws came from a single province: Ontario. While Ontario perennially is among the most active for legislation—you can count on the province to pass one big employment reform bill almost every year—this year’s Ontario legislative package was much bigger and impactful than usual. In addition to the Bill 88 blockbuster, Ontario was the scene of some of Canada’s most significant employment-related court rulings. And all the signs suggest that there’s more to come in 2023.


With that in mind, we decided to dedicate an entire Special Report to new HR laws in Ontario during the past year. Essentially, we’ve created an Ontario HR Compliance Yearbook for 2022.