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Are You Prepared For An Incident Of Workplace Violence In Your Workplace?

Many of us were stunned to witness Will Smith slapping Chris Rock live on stage at the 2022 Oscars award show. Fallout from that incident is still continuing to mount for Mr. Smith, although he has publicly apologized and announced his resignation from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. While this blog will not be transitioning to cover arts and entertainment anytime soon, we do think this incident provides an interesting backdrop to discuss issues of workplace violence. As an employer, what would you do if your employee, Will, suddenly, in the middle of a workday, struck his co-worker, Chris?
Step One – Triaging the Situation
For many people, their immediate gut reaction to a situation like this would be to fire Will on the spot. While there is no question that violence of any kind in the workplace is unacceptable, firing an employee should never be the first step, no matter how egregious the behaviour.

In this case, the first step should be to ensure that all staf...

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