What is Ergonomics and Human Factors?

Ergonomics and Human Factors are the scientific disciplines concerned with […]

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Can An Ontario-Regulated Employer Prohibit Their Employees From Discussing Their Salaries, Bonuses And Other Compensation?

While open discussions about compensation between employees were once considered impolite, they are [...]

British Columbia Pay Transparency Regulation Provides Information On Preparing Pay Transparency Reports

New regulation provides guidance on the implementation of British Columbia, Canada’s Bill [...]

“Teleworking”: Now And Forever?

“I’d like to make a job offer to this candidate. The work will be performed remotely [...]

Updates in Ontario labour and employment matters: disclosure of salary ranges and AI; potential banning of NDAs


Licences to be required for temporary help agencies and recruiters in Ontario

The Government of Ontario has announced that, as of January 1, 2024, temporary help agencies (THAs) [...]

Regulating child labour in Quebec: History and a look forward to Bill 19

On March 28, 2023, Labour Minister Jean Boulet introduced Bill 19, An Act respecting the regulation [...]

Enforceability of non-competition clauses

Canadian employers regularly attempt to protect their interests through “non-competition” clauses [...]

Canada ratifies the first-ever global treaty to end workplace violence and harassment

On January 30, 2023, Canada ratified the International Labour Organization’s C190 – Violence and [...]

Ontario proposes mass termination protections for remote workers and increased information requirements for new hires

The Ontario Government is proposing updates to employment standards laws to ensure that remote [...]

Beware of What You Say – and Don’t Say – About Your Former Employees

The liability perils of post-employment references and how to avoid them. When a fellow HR director [...]

How An Employee May Become Entitled To A Deferred Bonus Upon Termination

Employers and employees may agree to defer the payment of an employee’s bonus upon the [...]

BC Employers Must Include Pay In Job Postings From November 1, 2023

The BC Pay Transparency Act(the Act) came into force on May 11, 2023. As of November 1, 2023 [...]

Instructions for Monitors of Company-Sponsored Social Event at Which Alcohol is Served

Serving alcohol at team-building exercises, holiday parties and other company-sponsored social [...]

Employee or Independent Contractor?

If you hire what you think are independent contractors for short-term or other types of projects [...]

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