A recent Court of Appeal decision provides an illustration of […]


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Code of Conduct & Ethics

A Code of Conduct and Ethics is a set of guidelines and principles that define the expected behavior and standards of conduct for individuals within an organization. It serves as a moral compass, outlining the organization’s values, ethical expectations, and acceptable practices. This code typically covers areas such as integrity, honesty, respect, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Code of Conduct for Virtual Meetings

Harassment-wise, the virtual meeting has become the digital equivalent to […]

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

The success of our business is dependent on the trust […]

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Ontario Court Of Appeal Finds Plaintiff Did Not Fail To Mitigate, Upholds $50,000 Aggravated Damages Award For Manner Of Dismissal

A recent Court of Appeal decision provides an illustration of […] Search for: Login THIS [...]

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Free Speech Does Not Trump Other Rights

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Be Proactive With Personal Pronouns

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