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Breastfeeding Policy


____________________ through its operations shall ensure the work place is a breastfeeding-friendly environment by supporting lactating or breastfeeding employees by providing the following accommodations:

  • Private and comfortable places to express breast milk will be provided to breastfeeding employees.
  • Storage of expressed breast milk will be facilitated by the employer providing refrigerators.
  • To accommodate the need to express breast milk, breastfeeding employees will be permitted to have flexible break time.
  • An employee’s decision to breastfeed and to seek accommodation for breastfeeding will be provided for as long as the employee requires it, without reprisal or judgment.
  • The accommodations required by a breastfeeding employee mandate all employees to respect the employee’s decision to breastfeed and cooperate in all respects; and
  • Any other accommodation’s for breastfeeding that may arise in the future.


Employees who choose to breastfeed their children need the full support including appropriate accommodations from fellow employees and the employer for as long as they choose to breastfeed.


All employees are subject to this policy…