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How to Create a Clean Workplace Policy

The word “housekeeping” summons up images of maids and parents scolding kids for leaving their socks on the floor. “Sanitation” and “hygiene” sound weightier but are equally unlikely to resonate with your average employee. But while finding the suitable word may be a challenge, the concept itself is crucial. In addition to being an OHS requirement, maintaining a clean workplace is imperative to safety, productivity and profitability because it minimizes fire hazards; slip, trip and fall hazards; struck-by injury risks; falling object injury risks, and exposure to airborne hazards and dusts. Further, clean workplaces maximize efficient use of working space; efficient storage; efficient pathways for materials and personnel; eases maintenance and cleaning costs; improves quality of indoor environmental conditions.
10 Things to Include in a Clean Workplace Policy
It’s imperative to design your clean workplace policy around the unique characteristics of your site in terms of physical spac...

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