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2021 HR Compliance Policy Manual

How would your HR policies rank in an external audit?

Do you have all the core policies your organization requires for the new 2021 normal?

And if so, when is the last time you revisited them and confirmed they were up to date with new legislation?

It’s easy to assume our policies are accurate, but in the event of a lawsuit, having an outdated policy could mean big fines – leaving everyone thinking, “Why wasn’t this prevented?”

Consider the case in Toronto where two firefighters were fired for making rude comments about women on Twitter while representing the company. One of the employees who was fired had to be reinstated because the social media policy was unclear. This cost the company money in legal fees and pay to the employee, while also damaging their reputation because of the rude comments.

It’s not worth risking your organization’s finances and reputation over unclear and outdated policies.

Download your 2021 Policy Manual today to make sure you are compliant with all the employment law changes that were pushed through in 2020.

Don’t assume your policies are correct, and risk business ending fines and lawsuits.