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Time Theft Policy


With labour in short supply, HR directors face the challenge of getting maximum productivity out of the employees they have. Perhaps the greatest obstacle standing in the way of that [...]

Time Theft Policy2022-04-21T15:19:17-07:00

Age Discrimination Policy


Age discrimination tends to be a blind spot in organizational efforts to comply with anti-discrimination laws. While general anti-discrimination policies mention age discrimination, they rarely address the topic specifically. Here’s [...]

Age Discrimination Policy2022-02-18T07:55:36-08:00

Non-Retaliation Policy


Create a clearly worded policy reassuring employees that you won’t retaliate against them for reporting violations, exercising legal rights and engaging in other forms of protected activity. Here’s a template [...]

Non-Retaliation Policy2022-01-26T07:53:29-08:00

Work From Home Policy


To ensure that key functions within the XYZ Co’s business can be conducted from employees’ homes or, other remote locations is the purpose of this statement of Policy and Procedure.

Work From Home Policy2021-10-04T11:47:21-07:00
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