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Vacation Policy – Federal

It’s important to have a written policy providing employees at least the vacation time and pay to which they’re entitled under the employment standards laws of your jurisdiction. Here’s a vacations policy template based on the requirements of the Canada Labour Code that federally regulated employers can adapt.


ABC Company provides employees paid vacation and vacation pay as required by the Canada Labour Code (“Code”), and Canada Labour Standards Regulations (“Regulations”). The provisions set out in this Policy reflect the minimum vacation benefits that an employee is entitled to receive under the Code and Regulations. While employees will receive nothing less, ABC Company may grant employees compensation and benefits that are more generous than those required by this Policy under the terms of collective agreements and individual employment contracts with employees.

  1. SCOPE

This Policy applies to employees who are covered by the Code. It does not apply to employees who are:

  • Listed in the Regulations as being exempt from the Code or a part of the Code on which a particular Section of this Policy is based; or
  • Employed in an industry that is subject to specific employment terms and conditions under the Regulations.

For purposes of this Policy:

“Year of employment” means continuous employment with ABC Company:

  • For 12 consecutive months starting with the date employment begins or any anniversary date thereafter; or
  • For a calendar year or other year determined by the company in accordance with Section 183(b) of the Code (and Sections 12 and 13 of the Regulations)…