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Alcohol Consumption at Company Events Policy

Use this policy to curtail employee drunken behavior at holiday parties and other company functions.

HR managers in any part of Canada can adapt this Model Policy for use at their own workplace.


_________________ is committed to limiting the consumption of alcohol by employees and other guests at _________________ functions. Possessing, consuming or using alcoholic beverages at _________________ functions is acceptable only with prior approval from the Company official in charge of the function. After granting approval, that manager has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that employees and guests comply with the guidelines presented below. In addition, all managers, supervisors, and employees are responsible for complying with _________________ Codes of Conduct and HR policies during official _________________ functions and may face disciplinary action up to and including termination for violations.


Excessive alcohol consumption may endanger the health and safety of _________________ employees, guests, and members of the public and result in inappropriate behaviour that harms _________________’s public reputation and standing in the community.


  • This Policy applies to all active employees of _________________
  • _________________ functions to which this Policy applies include but are not limited to Company Christmas and holiday parties, receptions for business guests, civic or business organizations, retirement and anniversary parties, Company picnics and outings, and year-end recognition events…