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Top 5 Workplace Trends & Predictions for 2023

Change was the only constant in many workplaces across Canada throughout 2022 and we expect that workplaces will continue to experience many changes and challenges in 2023.

As one of our preferred clients, we wanted to share this exclusive look ahead on the key workplace trends we expect to see in 2023:

Anticipating that the above-predicted trends will materialize throughout 2023, we have prepared an anthology of workplace-related articles that look ahead as opposed to looking backward.

While we cannot predict the future*, we’ve proactively shared our insights to help you prepare your organizations for the year ahead. As always, we invite you to contact a member of McMillan’s Employment & Labour Relations Group and Privacy & Data Protection Group if you require further consultation. Please join us for our annual client webinars in the fall and tell us how right or wrong we were with our forecasts.

*We actually can, but the rates are pretty extreme.

A Cautionary Note

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