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Non Discrimination Policy

All companies need clearly written policies banning discrimination. Such policies must, at a minimum, explain what discrimination is and which kind of conduct crosses the line, and furnish a mechanism or procedure for reporting and investigating complaints. Here’s a non discrimination policy template that you can adapt for your own company.


ABC Company recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of all individuals and is committed to providing all job applicants and employees equal opportunities and rights without discrimination, as well as a workplace that is respectful, inclusive, understanding, free of harassment and psychologically healthy.


The human rights laws of [province] make it illegal to discriminate against persons. Nevertheless, ABC Company recognizes that discrimination still exists and represents a serious problem for our country and its institutions. It also recognizes that the Company has a role to combat discrimination. Accordingly, ABC Company will strive for equality of results in all aspects of our employment and business practices by implementing policies and measures to prevent discrimination and ensure that all of our job applicants and employees receive equal opportunity and treatment.

In recognition of these principles, ABC Company pledges to:

  1. Actively identify and challenge individual or systemic acts of discrimination in our workplace and service delivery.
  2. Ensure that management and all employees are responsible for challenging discrimination in our workplace and service delivery.
  3. Equip management and all employees with knowledge and skills to recognize and challenge discrimination in our workplace and service delivery.
  4. Foster respect daily among management and all employees.
  5. Ensure that any employee’s, or client’s report of discriminatory treatment will be investigated, and the employee or client will be protected against reprisals.
  6. Ensure that management staff understand their legal responsibilities as “directing minds” to act immediately to deal with situations of potential harassment or discrimination.
  7. Continually monitor and assess progress in challenging discrimination in our workplace and service delivery.


The purpose of this Policy is:

  1. To establish clear ground rules regarding discrimination so that all employees understand what is and is not acceptable; and
  2. To describe the procedures ABC Company follows to receive, investigate and resolve complaints of discrimination, including imposition of discipline for those found guilty of offences. 


For purposes of this Policy:

“Discrimination” means any conduct, decision-making, actions or distinctions based on a person’s [list grounds protected from discrimination in your jurisdiction] (“protected characteristics”) which, whether intentional or not, has the effect of imposing burdens on an individual or group, not imposed upon others or which withholds or limits access to benefits available to other members of society. Discrimination is banned by both federal and provincial human rights codes and may occur even if the protected characteristic referred to above is only one factor in the conduct or decision. There are different forms of discrimination, including:…