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Inside the Trans Experience – Understanding and Accommodating an Employee in Transition

Date: September 7, 2016

Most people are cis gender – comfortable with the gender they’ve been assigned at birth. They never experience, or certainly even consider, what it’s like to not be comfortable as male or female. There is, however, a growing percentage of people who do not consider themselves as cis gender and identify more comfortably with the spectrum of gender identity. Those who experience this deep discomfort are faced with choices: live their lives in a secret way or publicly step into their authentic identity.

For a non-cis gender person, there are staggering stats of high unemployment, high levels of mental illness, and suicide.

Join Suzanne Sherkin of Highborn Communications as she explores HCM’s role in understanding and accommodating an employee in transition.

In this webinar you’ll find out:

  • Information about the transgender experience – from medical and social perspectives
  • How to support an employee once they have come forward as a person in transition
  • Information on providing effective organizational support to accommodate an employee’s transition regarding policy changes and accommodations
  • and, How to support other staff members in maintaining respect in the workplace, free of stigma, harassment or unconscious bias