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Termination Incident Quiz

Can You Fire an Employee for a Single Incident of Making Sexually Explicit Language & Gestures?
A dealer and a pit boss at a casino get along very well, always laughing and joking. One night, the pit boss sees the dealer talking to another dealer at a dead table with his back to a live table. The pit boss tells the dealer to watch his table. The dealer starts making loud kissing noises at him. He asks the dealer to stop. The dealer asks the pit boss, “Whose **** are you sucking this week?” and continues to make loud kissing sounds. The pit boss again asks the dealer to stop. He refuses and starts to simulate oral sex in full view of other employees and gamblers. The pit boss complains to management about the dealer’s conduct. The casino‘s code of conduct bars employees from using profane language or making obscene gestures. Casino policies also say that such acts constitute serious misconduct and may be grounds for immediate suspension or termination.
What, if anything, sh...

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