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Temporary Layoffs and Constructive Dismissal Liability Risks

On one hand, it is clear that temporary layoffs are, in many cases, a constructive dismissal that exposes the employer to potential liability. On the other hand, many people have asserted that this long-standing legal principle should not be applied to the current set of circumstances. More specifically, they assert that it is simply not appropriate to put businesses in the position where they either have to maintaining operating costs that they cannot possibly afford or risk even greater liability through a constructive dismissal claim.

Our HR Insider experts have put together the most up-to-date in-depth report on this subject and included is:

  • How to Comply with Group Termination Requirements
  • The Constructive Dismissal Conundrum
  • The Difference between Termination and Temporary Layoff
  • COVID-19 and Recalling Employees Back to Work from a Temporary Layoff
  • Group Termination Severance Quiz
  • and much more…

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