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OHS Work Refusal Policy (BC Version)

Refusing to perform assigned work is normally an act of insubordination worthy of discipline. But [...]

Hours of Work Compliance Game Plan

Are you risking employment standards liability for overworking your employees?

Hours of Work Policy

Here’s a template policy establishing hours of work requirements and procedures based on the [...]

Parental Leave Compliance Game Plan

12 steps for complying with employment standards law parental leave requirements.

B.C. Court Of Appeal Confirms That Secretly Recording Conversations With Co-Workers Can Be Just Cause For Dismissal

In Shalagin v. Mercer Celgar Limited Partnership, 2023 BCCA 373 (CanLII), the British Columbia [...]

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

PAYROLL DEDUCTION AUTHORIZATION FORM Employee Information: Employee Name: Employee ID: Department: [...]

CPP Changes Memo

CANADA PENSION PLAN Update To: All Employees From: [Your Name/Position] Date: [Date] Subject: [...]

Site Owner Who Hires Constructor May Still Be Liable as ‘Employer’

The most important OHS case in recent years calls into question so-called constructor/prime [...]

Statutory Holidays – Know The Laws Of Your Province

Six of Canada’s 14 jurisdictions—Federal, BC, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Prince Edward [...]

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