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Return to Work: An Employer’s Rights and Obligations


Accommodating workers with disabilities and assisting them in returning to work can be challenging and complex. Handling the process correctly is in the best interests of both employers and workers. This webinar will help you deal with the related issues. It’ll cover:

    • The statutory and other legal obligations affecting “return to work” decisions, including laws on workplace safety and insurance, human rights and occupational health and safety
    • The duty to accommodate, including the worker’s role
    • Medical notes or certificates
    • Applying the principles and making accommodation decisions, including some factual scenarios
    • Common mistakes and the costs of making them

Kevin D. MacNeill represents employers in all areas of labour and employment law in unionized and non-unionized settings both in the broader public sector and in the private sector. He acts for municipalities and institutions such as school boards, boards of health and community care access corporations as well as other health care service providers. Furthermore, Kevin actively represents clients in a variety of other industries, including telecommunications, transportation and logistics, hydro distribution, and manufacturing.

Kevin has considerable experience litigating employment-related cases, some of which are noted below. That said, Kevin has also developed widely respected expertise in providing proactive strategic advice to some of Canada’s largest private sector employers, notably in matters of workers’ compensation, accommodation and absence management.

Kevin is the author of The Duty to Accommodate in Employment, the leading text on the subject, published by Canada Law Book Inc., which has been cited in several arbitration and court decisions across Canada. He also contributes to Workplace Wire, a blog updating employers on developments in labour and employment law. Kevin has also regularly spoken at seminars concerning labour and employment law.