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Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Medical marijuana is legal in Canada. But its use by workers – especially those in safety sensitive industries and/or positions – can raise serious safety issues. This webinar by Carl Cunningham, a partner at Bennett Jones LLP, will help you navigate this complex area by educating you on the current framework for medical marijuana in Canada, including:

    • The Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation
    • Common forms and uses of marijuana
    • Reviewing and updating Drug and Alcohol Use Policies
    • Special considerations for safety-sensitive roles and
    • Unique challenges for Independent Medical Exams regarding medical marijuana.

Download the Slide Deck

Download Carl Cunningham’s Medical Marijuana Key Issues Checklist

Download College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Dried Cannabis Report

Carl Cunningham has a management-side employment law practice, where he advises both federally and provincially regulated employers regarding all aspects of employment law. Carl assists employers in establishing the employment relationship, such as drafting and negotiating employment contracts and workplace policies, and complying with applicable legislation, such as employment standards, health and safety and the Human Rights Code.

He provides strategic advice to clients on issues that arise during the course of the employment relationship, such as managing absenteeism, use of independent contractors, accommodating injured workers, administering discipline and responding to allegations of workplace harassment. Carl also represents employers in a broad range of employment disputes. He frequently attends mediations and appears in the Superior Court of Justice on wrongful dismissal litigation and claims relating to breach of post-employment obligations, including moving for and responding to injunctions. Carl represents employers at labour and employment related tribunals, including the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, Canada Industrial Relations Board, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, boards of arbitration, and Coroner’s Inquests.