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Onboarding and Orientation

The employment landscape continues to change – much too rapidly for most organizations. In today’s highly competitive employment marketplace, companies must shift their hiring mindset from one of a “buyers” view point to that of a “sellers”. The tendency today is to spend more time selling your organization to candidates so they want to become part of your team. To gain the highest productivity and the greatest longevity with new hires, wise employers are engaging their people through a comprehensive orientation process, and through a somewhat reinvented process called onboarding.
Historically, orientation programs have consisted of a half-day to a full-day of completing paperwork, listening to welcoming speeches from managers, getting the “rules” out on the table and maybe watching a video about the company and any necessary safety rules. The orientation program is a component of a larger, more complex onboarding process. As some employers have come to understand, the quality of these programs directly affects the productivity and longevity of all new hires. Companies that adopt a proactive approach to
onboarding and orientating their employees reap the benefits of a more effective and productive employee, and increase their retention rates.