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Performance Management

There has been much debate on the value of traditional performance reviews. They are often viewed by line managers as a necessary evil as opposed to a constructive tool to improve employee performance and enhance career development. This is because typical reviews are based on activities and skill sets that have little to do with achieving business objectives. They become isolated discussions about good or bad performance that are documented and relegated to the filing cabinet upon completion.

Aligning the values and objectives of a company to the behaviours of its very best individuals is the central concept of an
effective organizational performance management strategy. How can employee performance be enhanced on a daily, weekly and monthly basis without knowledgeable coaching? What are the real costs that go beyond the salary and benefits of an underperforming employee? What are the ramifications of low productivity, the decreased morale of others that must work overtime to pick up the slack of underachievers, and the potential damage to a company’s reputation in the marketplace, if an underperformer is client-facing?
This whitepaper will explore how to align an integrated performance management program with career development going beyond activities to focus on measurable results.