Training, Onboarding & Orientation

Training, onboarding, and orientation are crucial HR processes that contribute to employee development and successful integration into the organization. Training involves providing employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their job effectively, often through workshops, courses, or e-learning. Onboarding is a more comprehensive process aimed at welcoming new hires, familiarizing them with company culture, policies, and their specific role, and ensuring a smooth transition into their position. Orientation is typically a subset of onboarding, focusing on introducing new employees to the workplace, coworkers, and company policies and procedures. HR plays a pivotal role in designing and implementing these programs, which are essential for nurturing talent, reducing time to productivity, and promoting employee engagement, ultimately contributing to the organization’s success.

New Employees: Orientation & Onboarding Checklist

You can adapt this Checklist to ensure that the orientation […]

Onboarding and Orientation

The employment landscape continues to change – much too rapidly […]

Training/On–Boarding/Orientation Quiz

What are the critical processes in order to enable employees to align and perform their job duties in concert with the culture of the business model

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