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New Employees: Orientation & Onboarding Checklist

You can adapt this Checklist to ensure that the orientation you provide new employees at your workplace is both thorough and effectively conducted.

New Employee Orientation & Onboarding Checklist

Employee name:____________________________  Position: ___________________________________

Department: ________________________________________ Start date: ________________________

INITIAL MEETING Upon arrival for first day of work, have new employee report to HR office to receive the ABC Company New Hire Kit
Provide and have employee sign copy of Offer Letter
Provide Emergency Contacts Form
Have employee complete Emergency Contacts Notification Form
Have employee complete TD1 Federal Tax Forms
Have employee complete Provincial Tax Forms
Have employee complete Direct Deposit Form
Have employee complete Benefits Option Form
Have employee sign copies of following ABC Company policies:

* Drug & Alcohol Use

* Workplace Bullying & Harassment

* Workplace Violence

* Work Hours & Scheduling

* Computer Use

* Cell Phone Use

* Confidentiality

* Code of Conduct

* Other

Show employee orientation video(s)
If applicable, ask employee to furnish one or more of the following documents for photocopying:

*  Proof of age

* SIN Card

* Work Permit

* Certificate or proof of required training, education or accreditation(s)

* Proof of registration in educational or vocational training institution

WORKPLACE SAFETY TOURIntroduce new employee to ABC Company OHS manager to receive a tour of the workplace to go over basic health and safety information
Point out emergency exits
Briefly describe emergency procedures
Point out muster & assembly points & check stations
Point out first aid kits, rooms, stations & attendants
Point out fire extinguishers
Point out SDS binders
Point out locations where hazardous products are stored, used, handled or disposed of
Point out eyewash stations
Point out Safety Bulletin Board
Point out where copies of OHS Act & Regulations are kept
Point out where ABC Company Safety Manual is kept
Introduction to workplace JHSC members or health & safety representative
Point out PPE employee is required to use & where it’s kept
Explain incident & injury reporting procedure
Explain employee’s refusal and other worker rights under OHS law
SAFETY TRAININGEnsure new employee successfully completes the applicable training required before being exposed to the hazards such training is designed to protect the employee against
PPE use
Fall protection
Use of respiratory protection
Confined spaces work
Machine operation
Electrical hazards
Lockout tagout
Materials handling
SUPERVISOR ORIENTATIONIntroduce new employee to his/her supervisor to receive a briefing on basic ABC Company work rules and procedures
Explain the ABC Company Code of Conduct & expectations for employee behaviour
Explain the work schedule & scheduling system
Explain how work & lunch breaks work
Explain ABC Company attendance & absenteeism policies
Explain the performance review system
IT ORIENTATIONShow new employee to his/her work station to receive a briefing from IT on ABC Company computer & communications equipment, procedures & protocols
Explain the ABC Company Data Protection & Security Policy
Explain ABC Company email & voicemail protocols
Provide employee necessary login & access information


HR Director:                                                                                            Date of Completion: