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Millennials Welcome Generation Z Into the Workforce

Speaker: Kathryn Marshall

Date: March 20th, 2019

The workforce is rapidly evolving. Not too long ago, it was common place for most individuals to work for a single company for several decades. These individuals were typically provided with salaries, benefits, and pension plans. But, as one commentator puts it, “that was another era”. With the rise in technology and changes in lifestyle habits and values of younger generations, we have seen a massive rise in the “gig” economy. Freelancing, working remotely, contract work and temporary work are on the rise. This webinar will explore the shifting workforce and the impact on the legal landscape, such as the creation of the new category of “dependant contractors” and what employers need to know.

Kathryn is an Associate Lawyer at MacDonald & Associates, an employment law firm specializing in Canadian employment law for both employers and employees. She also the firm’s Media Director.

Kathryn is an experienced, versatile lawyer with a passion for advocacy. She has successfully represented clients at trials and is a dedicated, fervent advocate in every stage of litigation. Kathryn also has experience representing clients at  the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and before various other tribunals. Kathryn regularly appears in the Ontario Superior Court and has appeared before the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Ontario Divisional Court. In addition, Kathryn is an effective, strong negotiator and has extensive mediation experience.

Kathryn’s passion for advocacy extends outside of the courtroom. She has worked to advance the rights of women and combat sexual harassment, domestic abuse and gender discrimination for over a decade. Kathryn has provided testimony on several occasions before a House of Commons Parliamentary Committee with respect to enhancing legislation that protects women and girls from exploitation and violence.

Kathryn is a founder of a national campaign that promotes the creation of sexual harassment and assault policies on university and college campuses across Canada.