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Obligations to Investigate Harassment at Work

Speaker: Inna Koldorf

Date: March 6th, 2019

Slides: Download

Harassment complaints in the workplace are on the rise, and HR professionals find themselves spending more of their time conducting harassment investigations. In many Canadian jurisdictions, including Ontario, all workplace harassment complaints must be investigated. But what does this obligation mean, and to what extent does an investigation have to be conducted to protect the company from legal risk?

In this webinar, we will review the circumstances that give rise to the obligation to investigate harassment at work, the assessment of whether the investigation should be carried out internally or externally, and investigation pitfalls, including the risks of reprisals. The webinar will arm you with the necessary foundational tools to understand the basis for harassment investigations and risk management for your company as a result of harassment complaints.

Inna Koldorf’s practice is focused in the areas of Labour & Employment Law, Human Rights Law, and Workplace Investigations. Inna provides clients with strategic advice and training to ensure legal compliance with the different aspects of workplace law, leaving them with more time to run their business rather than having to address human resource issues. Having advised and represented unions and employees earlier in her career, Inna brings a unique perspective to the counsel and representation that she now provides exclusively to employers. She has developed an expertise in construction labour relations, and often assists employers with communications during organizing campaigns, responding to certification applications, and addressing day-to-day human resources issues on construction sites.