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Machine Learning and Algorithms in the Workplace

Speaker: Laura Freitag

Date: April 3rd, 2019

Machine learning and algorithms have the potential to fundamentally change the way workplaces function. These technologies are already impacting workplaces in ways that are visible and invisible. However, these new technologies are not without their challenges for employers and workplaces in Canada.

This webinar will focus on areas of risk for employers implementing or considering the implementation of new technologies that rely on machine learning and algorithms. Participants will learn about:

  • the current state of the law on surveillance, workplace privacy, and data collection in Canada;
  • potential risks in collecting data and using employee data; and
  • potential human rights concerns raised by these technologies.

Participants will also learn best practices for evaluating and implementing these new technologies.

About the Speaker

Laura is an associate lawyer at Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti LLP, one of Canada’s largest and most highly-ranked management-side labour and employment law firms. Laura practices in all areas of labour and employment law, with a particular focus on employment litigation. She provides strategic advice in employment litigation and labour relations matters, having acted as counsel in wrongful dismissal litigation, human rights proceedings and grievance arbitrations.

Laura advises clients in both the private and public sectors across a range of industries, including manufacturing, technology, retail, government services, financial services and professional services.

As a law student, Laura acted as research assistant to Dr. Ian Kerr, an international expert in the field of emerging law and technology issues.