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HR and Dress Codes: An Interview with Attorney Cedric Lamarche

One of the most perplexing issues for HR professionals is employee dress codes. Although HR may not want to get too specific about employee workplace attire and personal appearance, being too vague can create problems. And then there are the legal issues. What is and is not acceptable when establishing criteria? HR Insider asked Cédric Lamarche, Senior Associate at Whitten & Lublin, Employment Lawyers, for insight. Here’s what he told us.

HRI: What is the biggest mistake companies make with regard to dress code policies?

CL: The biggest mistake made is the failure to implement clear guidelines, or any guidelines for that matter, regarding appropriate attire in the workplace. This creates uncertainty among the workforce, which can lead to employees having far too much leeway. Consequently, if the employer raises issues with an employee’s attire which it deems inappropriate because it is too casual, too “sexy”, or too distracting, it could face backlash and be accused of favoritism...

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