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Exit Interviewing: What Needs to Change

As managers and leaders our success is a direct reflection of the success of our people. We are responsible to hire, coach and performance manage people who will succeed in their roles, who will grow with the company as they develop their career, and who ultimately will progress beyond us in a
succession plan. At the end of the day, our success is their success.

Therefore there is nothing more challenging or upsetting than having one of your team members resign. It is particularly tough if you don’t see it coming and you don’t have a grasp on why they are leaving.

A recent study by a leading management consulting company shows that 80% of employees would like to advance their
career with their current employer – but 51% believe they will have to leave to achieve their career goals1 . Could it be that the best and most motivated career conscious people may be leaving organizations unnecessarily?

Reducing the investment of time and money currently channeled into re-sourcing, re-hiring and retraining new employees because of unnecessary staff turnover can have a significant impact on your organization’s performance.