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Cell Phone Use Policy

Here’s a template you can adapt to implement an effective policy governing employees’ use of cell phones at work.



Use of cell phones and other personal electronic mobile devices during work time is a distraction that can create health and safety hazards, disrupt business operations, reduce productivity and compromise personal privacy, customer private data and ABC Company confidential and proprietary information. Accordingly, employees may not use such devices in the workplace or while performing work operations except as provided for under this Policy.


The purpose of this Policy is to establish clear ground rules for personal cell phone use at work in the interest of maximizing workplace health and safety, efficient business operation, employee productivity, privacy and confidentiality.


For purposes of this Policy, “cell phone” means any handled electronic device capable of receiving and/or transmitting voice, text, or data messages without a cable connection, including, but not limited to, cellular phones, The Company reserves the right to modify or update these policies at any time.

  • Cellular and smart phones;
  • Digital wireless phones;
  • Radio-phones/walkie-talkies;
  • Telephone pagers;
  • Personal digital assistants with wireless communications capabilities (PDAs); and
  • Research in Motion (RIM) wireless devices.

This Policy applies to all ABC Company employees, including full-timers, part-timers, temporary employees, independent contractors, dependent contractors, consultants, interns and volunteers, as well as to workers of vendors and contractors engaged to perform work operations at ABC Company worksites…