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Background Check Policy

Background checks are an invaluable element of a robust selection process. A well-developed background check process helps in validating employee information and ensuring the candidate is the right fit for your organization. This document provides a comprehensive overview and includes the following:

  • Credit, criminal, and reference check procedures
  • Validation procedures for academic and professional licenses
  • Disposal and disclosure procedure

Use this template to craft a policy that fits your needs.

HR managers in any part of the country can adapt this Model Policy for use at their own workplace.


______________________ may conduct background checks on prospective or existing employees directly or through a third-party agency to verify personal information, determine organizational fit, maintain a safe and productive work environment and accomplish other legitimate employment functions.

  1. SCOPE

All applicants for vacancies in the following [department/employee groups] at ______________________ are subject to background checks (specific elements of the background check will vary by department and role):

  • Department/employee group
  • Department/employee group
  • Department/employee group

For purposes of this policy, a background check is an investigation of an individual that may result in the collection of an individual’s criminal record, previous employer record, and credit information. Appropriate information will be collected from data within the [specify length e.g. five-year] period preceding the date of collection…