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Are You Employing An “Employee” Or An “Independent Contractor”?

In today’s work environment, it is not uncommon for there to be a multitude of different employment contracts in a single company. Twenty years ago, you had either part-time or full-time employees, occasionally you would bring in the odd outside contractor. Nowadays, it’s very common to have some employees on flex-time arrangements, some people on long-term independent contracts, while others have short-term project based contracts.

The reality is, it’s hard as an employer to manage employees with different work relationships. It’s even harder to identify who is and isn’t an employee. Even the law is a little confusing.

Even more, find out why the distinction is important, specifically how the tax considerations, benefit options, and termination rights can affect your business.

Irvin Schein, Partner at Minden Gross, will instruct you on tests for making the determination between an employee and independent contractor that you can utilize today!

About the Speaker

Irvin is a senior partner and Chair in Minden Gross’ Litigation Group. He also served in management on the firm’s Executive Committee for over 10 years. Additionally, Irvin is chair of the Class Action Group and Vehiculaw – the Minden Gross motor vehicle dealers group.

Irvin has acted as counsel in a vast number of areas including: shareholders’ rights and remedies, applications for injunctive relief and judicial review, wrongful dismissal, defamation, corporate and commercial disputes, international litigation, including jurisdictional disputes, negligence and tort claims, sexual abuse litigation, real property litigation including commercial development disputes and commercial leasing disputes, pension and employment benefits disputes, prosecution and defence of solicitors’ negligence and professional malpractice claims, and environmental litigation.