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Ontario’s Working at Heights Training Standard – The New Expectations for Workers Who Work at Heights

On Christmas Eve 2009, four workers fell to their deaths while working at heights. This single incident sparked a widespread review and revision of the Ontario OHS Prevention System. The latest changes introduced include the release of a new workplace training standard to address working at heights, which is expected to become mandatory by the summer of 2014.

Training programs designed to meet this new standard will improve knowledge about fall hazards and safety practices, including:

  • Proper inspection of equipment for damage
  • Procedures for setting up, relocating or removing protective equipment
  • Demonstrations and hands-on training on fall-arrest equipment and other safety devices
  • Information on workplace protections and workers’ rights.

In this webinar, safety professional Dylan Short reviewed:

  • The scope of the impact of the Working at Heights Training Standard
  • The definition of “working at heights”
  • An overview of the Standard
  • Theory training requirements
  • Practical training requirements
  • Learning Outcome Self-Assessment Tool
    • Theory – 6 elements addressing 27 learning outcomes
    • Practical – 5 elements addressing 32 learning outcomes
  • Application and Implementation Timelines

The Ministry of Labour is seeking feedback on the draft Working at Heights Training Provider Standard, which outlines minimum requirements that must be met by training providers who will seek to be approved by the CPO to deliver approved working at heights training programs. Deadline: April 24, 2014


Dylan Short, Managing Director of The Redlands Group, is a senior safety, health and education executive leader with a variety of solid accomplishments in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

With extensive experience in safety, health and education program and system research, design and implementation, Dylan is also a Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) and Canadian Risk Manager (CRM).  He has held a number of executive level positions including Director, Occupational Health & Safety and Vice President, Safety as well as a number of positions including national responsibilities for Training and Risk Management with the Property and Causality insurance industry.