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Top 6 Employment Cases of 2018 in Canada

In this webinar, Heather Hettiarachchi, Integritas Workplace Law, will discuss the top six 2018 employment cases from Canada. Heather will review each case, discuss how it will impact employers and the workplace, and provide tips for employers on how to deal with the issues raised in the cases.

Speaker: Heather Hettiarachchi

Date: July 3, 2019

Topics covered include:

– The principle of good faith in contractual dealings;
– Enforceability of termination clauses;
– The frustration of the employment contract;
– The finality of releases; and
– More!

About the Speaker:

Heather is a lawyer practicing exclusively in the area of labour and employment law. She has a unique combination of legal expertise and extensive hands-on human resources management and labour relations experience. Her past career experience includes managing human resources at a large private insurance company as well as at the University of British Columbia and acting as Labour Relations Advisor to Vancouver Community College.

In addition to practicing in all areas of employment and labour law, Heather provides employers with general human resources support. She also conducts workplace investigations and provides mediation services.