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Time Theft

Date: November 6, 2019

Speaker: Stéphane Fillion

About the Webinar

During this webinar, we will examine the general principles surrounding the obligation of employees to provide the work performance their employer are entitled to expect and see how time theft leads to a violation of this obligation. We will see how tribunals compare theft and time theft and the differences that are often drawn between them.

To illustrate this, we will review recent cases dealing with time theft, often dealing with the use of electronic devices like phones, computers, tablets and see how an employer can justify terminating an employee for this reason. We will finally explore tools available to employers to investigate these types of cases like cameras, GPS systems, access cards and so on.

Finally, we will provide recommendations on how to best address these issues and stop the problem at the source.

About the Speaker

Stéphane Fillion practices in every area related to labour and employment law, be it collective or individual contracts of employment, human rights, labour standards, occupational health and safety, issues related to the Charter of the French Language or other aspects. Stéphane uses his expertise for the benefit of clients during disputes. As such, he has appeared before almost every labour and employment administrative tribunal and the various superior courts, including the Court of Québec, the Superior Court and the Court of Appeal.