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Performance and Cultural Alignment: Aligning Your Team to Make Your Business More Profitable and More Predictable

Date: September 25th, 2019

Speaker: Andrew Rush

About the Webinar

Business leaders know that predictable results are difficult to obtain. Alignment issues in performance management, leadership behaviors, and conflicting values systems conspire against predictability and improved profitability. Performance and cultural alignment is the leader’s ability to optimize the performance of the team, to make their business more profitable and predictable.

Key Takeaways

  • A picture of what an aligned organization looks like and how to create one
  • Ideas on how to employ better planning tools in an organization (budget, forecast, schedule) • Ideas on improved key performance indicators
  • How to engage all company employees towards a common goal
  • How to create a proactive, problem-solving culture
  • The creation of core values that succeed in driving the culture of the business
  • How to create a culture of winning

About the Speaker

Andrew has a history of improving financial results through optimizing the collaboration of teams and developing more effective senior leaders; focusing on the culture and behaviors required to be successful. He has been a consultant and a leader in turnaround situations and led companies that were recognized as being one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Privately Owned Companies.

Andrew is a professional speaker and performs training engagements for small and large groups, covering the topic of “Performance and Cultural Alignment: Aligning your team to increase the predictability and profitability of your business.” Some of the groups that he has been asked to speak to include CEO Connections, TEC, MacKay CEO Forum, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, Innovators Alliance, ScaleUp Academy and Presidents of Enterprising Organizations.

His current role also involves his meeting with CEO’s and members of the Executive Leadership Team to determine how well aligned their organizations are. Through a series of interviews and surveys conducted over a 1 day period, he is able to conduct a Performance and Cultural Assessment (PCA). This tool provides feedback and action plans as to where companies have opportunities to gain a greater degree of alignment.