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Sexual Harassment – Dealing with Unwelcome & Unwanted Behaviour

What’s at Stake?

It is not uncommon to hear employees say things like this, “We can’t even give someone a compliment around here without being accused of sexual harassment.” Or, “I was just joking, she’s way too sensitive. There’s no way that was harassment.” No doubt you have several other phrases you could add to the list.

But it’s not that hard to understand what is and what is not considered sexual harassment when you look at in terms of a behaviour being unwelcome and unwanted.

What You Should Know

Supervisors and employees must have a clear understanding of what might be considered unwanted and unwelcome conduct.  Here are some examples of unwelcome and unwanted behaviours.

Sharing sexually inappropriate images or videos, such as pornography, with co-workers.
Sending suggestive letters, notes, or e-mails.
Displaying inappropriate sexual images or posters in the workplace.
Telling lewd jokes, or sharing sexual anecdotes.
Making inappropriate sexual gestures.

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