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Payroll Privacy Quiz

Payroll & Privacy: Is Disclosing Employee Payroll Information a Privacy Violation?


A nurse applying for salary replacement under a provincial program fills out a government form listing her name, title, salary and information about her recent suspension. She then hands the form to the payroll manager for approval. The payroll manager signs the form and hands it to a co-worker to deliver to the nurse. The payroll manager claims he put the form in an unsealed envelope but the nurse says the form was not in an envelope and the Commissioner believes the nurse. The payroll manager also says the nurse was standing right outside the office and within his sight the whole time. But the nurse contends that she received the form in her office down the hallway. Again, the Commissioner believes the nurse.


Did the payroll manager violate the nurse’s payroll information privacy?

No, because the form didn’t contain protected personal information
Yes, because it disclose...

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