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Pay Equity Information Guide

1. Background to Pay Equity

Legislative Mandate

As a federally-regulated employer, you have a legal obligation to ensure male and female employees of your establishment are being paid equally for work of equal value. The pay equity legislative provisions relating to federally-regulated private sector and commercial Crown corporations are contained in section 11 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA), the Equal Wages Guidelines, 1986, (Guidelines) and sections 182 and 249 of the Canada Labour Code, Part III. Pay Equity provisions for the federal public sector are provided under the Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act, which is under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Board.

Pay equity is a fundamental human right. Section 11 of the CHRA states: “it is a discriminatory practice for an employer to establish or maintain differences in wages between male and female employees employed in the same establishment who are performing work of equal value.”

The Guidelines, issued by the Can...

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