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Overtime Quiz

Overtime for Employees Who Live and Work in Different Provinces


Every day, Chris Cross commutes from the small Ontario town southwest of Ottawa where he lives with his family to the federal Place du Portage office complex in Gatineau, Québec, where he works for a travel agency. Chris’s agency plans official trips for the federal government departments in the buildings as well as personal vacations for the individual employees who work in those departments. Chris’s busiest month is January when he sells winter get-away packages to sun destinations like Cuba and the Dominican Republic. But while he puts in extra hours during January, he’s paid strictly by commission on the travel packages he books. Chris feels like he’s being cheated out of January overtime hours and wants to file an employment standards complaint against his employer. But he’s not sure who to file it with.


Which government body has jurisdiction over Chris’s overtime claim?

A. The federal Departme...

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