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Notice to Employees on US Travel Ban (Version for Companies in Canada)

Introduction: How to Use This Tool

Whether it’s legal, moral or wise, one thing about the new US travel ban that can’t be denied is that it takes effect on March 16, 2017. Equally clear is that the travel ban will affect your company if you have employees or business associates who are citizens of the six Muslim states that the ban names as posing a national security risk to the US, including Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen who are stationed in or expected to travel to the US on business.  The immediate danger for employers is that affected individuals currently located outside the US won’t be able to get into the country once the travel ban goes into effect on March 16. In addition, affected individuals who are in the US once the ban takes effect won’t be able to get back in if they choose to leave the country.

The first course of action is to consider recalling affected employees stationed in the US and refrain from scheduling or requiring them to travel to the US for ...

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