Business travel pertains to employees’ trips taken for work-related purposes, such as meetings, conferences, client visits, or training sessions. HR professionals often manage various aspects of business travel, including travel policies and guidelines, expense reimbursement, and ensuring employees’ safety and well-being during their trips. They are responsible for setting travel budgets, coordinating itineraries, and ensuring that employees adhere to company policies and legal requirements, particularly in areas like immigration and visa compliance. Effective management of business travel contributes to the organization’s productivity and growth by facilitating networking, skill development, and client relationships, while also balancing cost control and duty of care for employees while they are on the road.

Travel Expense Report

Use this spreadsheet to create a travel expense report for […]

Travel Policy

The purposes of this policy are to: explain which expenses […]

Business Travel & Expense Policy

While business travel reimbursement policies are a must for any […]

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Compliance Cheat Sheet: How to Create a Pandemic Business Travel Safety Policy

Employers are liable for infections employees contract or transmit as a result of business travel

Pandemic Business Travel Safety Policy

Controlling infection risks during travel and return to work

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