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Next Generation JHSC: IRS Auditor

Joint health and safety committees (JHSCs) form an integral part of your internal responsibility system (IRS). But has your JHSC moved past just conducting housekeeping inspections to effectively evaluating the employer’s written OHS program? Does the JHSC go beyond reviewing statistics to evaluate the implementation of the OHS management system? Are you guided by a Committee Manifesto?

Effective committees significantly contribute to positive safety culture and achieving continuous improvement. This interactive presentation by OHS consultant Yvonne O’Reilly will demonstrate how to take the next step and provide tools to prepare your JHSC committee members to become “IRS auditors.”

This seminar will provide attendees with information on:

  • Assessing if your committee is in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Evaluating your JHSC’s effectiveness
  • Developing a committee manifesto
  • Defining the IRS and the role that the JHSC can play in auditing the IRS.

You’ll also get tips and tools to improve your JHSC’s structure and internal communication.

Yvonne O’Reilly, CRSP is an OHS consultant and dynamic facilitator, with extensive experience in conducting training and audits. Her work experience includes representing the constructor on a multi-billion dollar construction project at Toronto Pearson International Airport. After establishing an OHS practice within two national law firms, she launched O’Reilly Health & Safety Consulting in 2004. Yvonne has completed the OHS Certificate program at Ryerson University, achieved the Canadian Registered Safety Professional designation and is a member of the Advisory Board of Bongarde Media’s OHS Insider. She is also an instructor for the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies as part of the OHS certificate program. Her professional commitment has led her to become involved in several organizations to foster and promote the OHS profession, and in 2014 commenced serving her third term as a Governor for the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.