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Legalized Marijuana: Now What?

Legalized Marijuana: New regulations for cannabis edibles and topicals come into effect on Oct. 17, with products expected to reach store shelves in December, which can and will impact the Canadian workplace. 

Beginning today, licensed producers can begin submitting their edible and topical products to Health Canada. Those products will then be subjected to a 60-to-90-day approval and procurement process. In other words, Oct. 17 is simply one of the first hurdles for edibles to reach the legal Canadian market.

“Since the first wave of legalization, 11% of Canadians say they already consume edibles with 13% expected to buy legal edibles.

Demand for edibles is expected to be high, and their sale may lead to more recreational users.” (Source CBC )

How Does This Impact You?

“The risk of cannabis-related medical emergencies may also increase, due to a lack of knowledge about edibles. The human body processes cannabis more slowly when it is eaten than when it is smoked, so it takes long...

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