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HR Update: Marijuana Legalization Webinar

Date: July 11th, 2018

Speaker: Alanna Twohey
While the precise effects of legalizing recreational marijuana on the Canadian workplace are unknown, there appears to be a general sentiment that use will increase, even if only temporarily, once recreational use becomes legal. What does this mean for your workplace? How can management and occupational health and safety professionals provide a safe workplace, without infringing on employees’ privacy and human rights with respect to legalized drug use?
Please join Alanna Twohey of Emond Harnden LLP for a discussion of the impact of legalized marijuana on Canadian workplaces, including practical tips for handling suspected impairment, and for accommodating employees when necessary.
Topics to be addressed include:

Who uses marijuana and why?
How can employers distinguish between medical versus recreational use?
What can you do if you believe an employee is impaired, by marijuana or other drugs, while at work?
Can employers test em...

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