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Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo Era: Bringing your Workplace up to Speed

Date: June 6th, 2018

Time: 9 – 10am PT + 15 minute Q&A

Speaker: Alanna Twohey

Now, more perhaps than ever before, it seems everyone is talking about sexual harassment. News reports of allegations made against several high profile individuals have been virtually impossible to ignore. As a manager or occupational health and safety professional, have you turned your mind to the obligations you have to prevent sexual harassment in your own workplace? What are the best practices for avoiding incidents of sexual harassment in the first place, and how should you respond to allegations of sexual harassment if they do arise? Is a “zero tolerance” approach the right answer?

Join Alanna Twohey of Emond Harnden LLP as she provides a cross-country overview of the legislation designed to protect employees from sexual harassment, highlights practical tips for investigating and responding to complaints of sexual harassment, and shares some of the most recent decisions on this topic from arbitrators and tribunals across the country.

Specific topics to be addressed include:

  • What is sexual harassment in the workplace context?
  • What laws protect employees against sexual harassment, and what do they require you to do?
  • Are there any new laws are on the horizon in your jurisdiction?
  • What is the cost of noncompliance?
  • If sexual harassment does occur in your workplace, what are the best practices for:
    • Responding to and investigating the incident, and
    • Disciplining harassers?


Alanna Twohey, Research Lawyer

Alanna is a Research Lawyer who provides support to the other lawyers of the firm in all aspects of labour and employment law. Alanna received a Bachelor of Arts from Brock University and an LL.B. from the University of Ottawa.

Alanna was called to the Bar in 2009. Prior to joining the firm, she articled and practiced at a management-side labour and employment law boutique in Ottawa. During that time, Alanna’s practice included providing advice and representation to employers in both the public and private sectors. Alanna has significant and diverse experience with employment, labour, human rights and occupational health and safety matters in both the federal and provincial jurisdictions. She is also experienced in collective bargaining, having been exposed to a variety of bargaining issues, both as chief negotiator and in an advisory role.

Alanna is a member of the Ontario Bar Association.